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Marlene - streaming online

It seems such a long time since we had to put up the shutters, not knowing when we would get back to doing what we love – bringing live theatre to everyone.

We are all adapting to a new way of life as together we tackle the impact of the Coronavirus. We are missing the magic of live performance, and we know you are too. However, your theatre is still here and although unable to open our doors and welcome an audience, we are able to give you a stage-fix alternative when the originally planned Concordia stage production of the musical play Marlene by Pam Gems, will be streamed online to fill the gap! In her seventies and the twilight years of her career, legendary stage and screen actress Marlene Dietrich is preparing for a solo last performance.

This wonderful play with music explores the life of this war-time icon. Packed with much loved musical favourites from a bygone era, Marlene is a funny and moving celebration of the woman behind the myth.

Full booking details for this theatre fund raising production can be found on the theatre website –

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