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The BIG Panto Adventure

So, what is the BIG PANTO ADVENTURE? Well firstly, it is not a stage show! Although it will be staged throughout the whole of the Concordia auditorium, the wing space and stage, it’s a bit like a theme park ride on foot… with live panto characters popping up all over the place – socially distanced of course!

Has time been frozen in Panto land? At timed intervals bubbles of up to six visitors to the BIG PANTO ADVENTURE will have to gather clues to solve what will happen when Pantomime finally returns to the stage of the Concordia!

Can you help? Do you want to be part of the adventure? To find out more about the BIG PANTO ADVENTURE and how to book your slot, visit the dedicated website which gives full details. Booking also available on-line at and by telephoning the box office on 01455 615005 or visiting in person on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings 10.00 - 12.30. from 2nd November.

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