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The Final Touches

The cast are busy putting the final touches to our wonderful production of Young Frankenstein and with less than two weeks until opening night it’s time to meet the cast.

Of course we have to start with Young Frankenstein himself played by Andy Lacey.

Andy has been a part of the Concordia theatre for 30 years, starting out in the Youth theatre's 1993 production of Oliver Twist. He performed in too many shows to list over the next 18 years and hung up his acting shoes to take over the running and direction of the Youth theatre in 2011. A role in which he still takes great pride.

Frederick FrankenSTEEN! is Andy’s first principal role in 12 years and the character is an absolute blast to play. He grows from a strait-laced medical professional to a mad capped lunatic over two hours of theatrical hilarity!

Don’t miss your chance to see this legendarily funny film on stage. Tickets available online at or keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win tickets.

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